General info

A brokerage company FOXTALL KINDLUSTUSMAAKLER was established in Tallinn, Estonia in year 2010.
Partners of the company – the team of private investors who have been dealing with shipping business, logistics and insurance for many years.
The company started up in close cooperation and with support of Seatrade Services OÜ shareholders, who were Baltic market leaders in transport business in the past, and since 1993 have been involved in ownership and operation of general cargo /dry cargo vessels, port tugs, owned and operated the quays in port Northern Paljassaare, a stevedore terminal for frozen cargoes located at Paljassaare harbor and a dry fertilizers terminal at Maardu.
We put stress on the above information as our wide experience in ownership, management and operation of marine and related businesses favorably differentiating us from our rivals and let us in very sharp mode to understand and assess the risks of our customers under different but right angles. We are ready to prepare risk management plan, to advise on measures to minimize technological and commercial risks, as well as to offer optimal conditions of insurance and then, upon occurrence of insurance events, to organize the rescue of insured object, to protect the interests of the client and provide the insurance remuneration payment from Underwriters or compensation from the guilty party.
We are proud of our team comprised of professionals with long-term experience in shipping, logistics and insurance, who are duly educated, eager and thus able to solve complex problems associated with the transport and handling of any cargo, as well as operation, maintenance, repair and operation of ships.
Our main goal is to provide professional, competitive services in marine and non-marine insurance, claims administration and risk management for marine, aviation and logistics companies, as well as companies involved in international trade.
Our company is licensed, authorized and regulated by the state supervisory authority - the Financial Supervision Authority of the Republic of Estonia. Caring about the well-being of our customers, we have insured our professional liability with Lloyd syndicate MARKEL with limit of 2 000 000 euros.
Kreutzwaldi 24a 10147 Tallinn, Estonia  |  Tel. +372 641 9140  |